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Understanding Essay Examples

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Assignment Unit 303 Support Learning Activities

Mrs S the class teacher, the children and I sat on the carpet and Mrs S asked the children to identify different value coins by sight. I was then asked by Mrs S to help year 1 yellow table with counting coins and recognising the value of money. Mrs C gave each table various amounts…

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Experience

I decided to attend a meeting based first (and almost solely) on convenience of the location. So I decided to attend a meeting right here in Batavia. The “Batavia 12 & 12” at the Holy Trinity Church down on 6th & Wood St. They hold meeting on Mondays around 11:00am. The main focus is to…

Beneath the Smooth Skin of America

America is a wide range of cultural, environmental, and geographical landmarks, but yet they are skimmed over every day. “Beneath the Smooth Skin of America” is an essay written by Scott Russell Sanders about his understanding of regions. According to Sanders, we have a problem in which we have turned into one big region, a…



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This is what it means to say phoenix, arizona

The setting of the airplane adds meaning and understanding to the story. During the flight, we get to see the first person-to-person interaction Thomas Builds-the-Fire has with someone other than Victor. This interaction seals the lid on any conjectures we had about Thomas’s social skills, maturity level and understanding of his Indian ancestry. Thomas’s social…

“Double Face” analysis from :The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan

Objectives: 1) Explain the most important theme(s) revealed by the author in my section of _The Joy Luck Club_. 2) Be sure to: A) follow all style rules B) give a clear opening statement that clearly identifies the subject In “Double Face” of _The Joy Luck Club_, Lindo Jong recounts her journey coming into America…

Understanding the Book Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance

The book entitled “Better: A Surgeons Notes on Performance,” which is written by one of the great practitioners in general and endocrine surgeon named Atul Gawande primarily tells about the faces of different difficulties and struggles that most of the doctors and other medical personnel are experiencing in attending to the medical needs of the…

Understanding the Bible

Entering the world of the Bible is every Christian’s “duty” because the Christian disciplines are only practiced and developed in accordance with what the Scriptures are saying. The Bible in itself is a revelation of God and central to an understanding of the Bible is appreciating this message. However, the message is also to be…

Understanding the Movie Black Orpheus

The movie entitled Black Orpheus is one of the first full-length films that feature Black people as the main performers and/or actors and actresses in interpreting a classic narrative of Orpheus and Eurydice, which is a widely known as a legendary Greek story (Black Orpheus – 1958). In a sense, the said film which is…

Understanding Slavery

A poignantly moving tale of a woman’s courage and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl undoubtedly serves as an inspiration for those who endeavor to rise beyond their initial station in life on the way to achieving one’s dreams. Though the author claims it to…

Understanding Life

The basic structural characteristics of each matter that exist in the planet are their atomic component. In this aspect, each matter that exists is made up by molecular yet significant atomic element compounded together to manifest as one material object. Thus, to critically and intrinsically understand the most common phenomenal events of the matter, one…

Cross Cultural Understanding

The first culture that would be considered as a client for this paper is a minority culture of Asian Americans in the United States. Statistically, Asian-Americans compose the fourth largest cultural group in America. However, their cultural group is significantly far from the third one which are the Latin American residents of the country. Also,…

Understanding the young adolescent

On reflection, after reading the article ‘Understanding the young adolescent’ it seems most apparent that if we are to be effective teachers we must understand and have empathy for middle school students and the multitude of changes, social, physical, cognitive and emotional, that they undergo; in order to provide a school environment that is conducive…

Understanding Experiences Blows Away Misconceptions

Grades do not always determine a true understanding of academic concepts. As shown in our discussion, children who seem to have learned their lesson in math well may only have understood the technique in solving a mathematical problem but not the true concepts involved. I, myself, took another sample test and although I scored perfectly,…

Personal Exploration Worksheet

1) Describe your assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions about members of this group. The men are allowed to have more than one wife. The women are to be submissive and obey the men without question. Their wardrobe consist of lots of fabric and the women are fully covered and never show skin or they will be…

Assessment and Rating of Learning Outcomes

The assessment process is holistic, with emphasis on the formative or developmental purpose of quality assuring student learning. It is also standards-based as it seeks to ensure that teachers will teach to the standards and students will aim to meet or even exceed the standards. The students’ attainment of standards in terms of content and…

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