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Ideology Essay Examples

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Shooting Dad

Shooting Dad In Vowell’s opening statement, she refers to her house as being “house divided” and what she means is that one of her parents is a Democrat and the other parent is a Republican. On Election Day if you were to drive by her house you would see two different campaign signs in the…

Essay of the Ideology and Social Base of Bharatiya Janata Party

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) was formally launched as an independent political organisation in February 1980, after the split of the Janata Party on the R.S.S issue. Most of east while Jana Sangha members along with a few others, left the Janata Party to form the B.J.P. Thus the B.J.P. is a reincarnation of the…

The Ideology of Pakistan

Q1. Write down the aims & objectives of the creation of Pakistan? Ans. Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The Muslims of India had scarifies there wealth honour & life to make a Pakistan reality. Struggle for attainment of Pakistan started very after the war of independence 1857. Aims & Objectives of the…



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Leadership That Gets Results

The article Leadership That Gets Results by Daniel Goleman provided an interesting view on leadership in the workplace. In a recent study by consulting firm Hay/McBer, data was gathered from a random sample of 3,871 executives from a database consisting of 20,000 executives, taking the mystery out of effective leadership. The study revealed that effective…

The differences in ideology between the West and USSR

The differences between USSR and the West can be divided into two groups; one is from the political point of view, and the other can be the difference in economic system on both sides. After the Bolshevik Revolution, under the rule of Lenin, the first socialist country was created, the USSR. The idea of socialism…

The advent of modern democracy

Does Rousseau’s _Du Contrat Social_ signal the advent of modern democracy? Or does it represent a dangerous recipe for the suppression of individual human freedom? Rousseau’s social contract is often likened to modern democracy, however, most political ideologies can be likened to one another in some form and one doesn’t have to dig deep before…

Ideology, Policy, and Practice

Through the prism of juvenile justice, Feld (2003) discusses the historical and contemporary roots of liberalism and conservatism as they affect criminal justice in the United States. Summarize these historical roots and comment on their impact on contemporary criminal justice. Does Feld’s article reflect an ideological bias? If so, what is it and why do…

The Principles of Cultural Capitalism and the End of Ideology

Cultural Capitalism is capitalism that assesses the advancements not in the quantity of innovations, but in the socio-cultural benefits that the civil society acquires from it, it does not only promote the culture but it also builds on the old and new myths of culture. It plays a role in the coming of a new…

Dominant Ideology in the United States

Dominant ideology is the prevalent culture, values, traditions, beliefs, practices, and such in a particular group. Within the structure of society, dominant ideology stands for what majority of the people who make up society uphold as their philosophies, values, beliefs, thoughts, principles, etc. (Dominant Ideology Thesis, 1998) Dominant ideology represents what the people stand for….

Hezbullah: Impact of Ideology on Group Structure, Strategy, Targets and Tactics

Hezbullah or Hezbollah, which literally means “Party of God”, is an organization based on Lebanon. It is a religious-political-paramilitary organization of several thousand Shiite Muslim militants that plays a significant role in the Lebanese politics. Hezbullah, while maintaining to be a major contributor to social programs and services in Lebanon, has been considered an Islamic…

Continuity and Change in Chinese Nationalist Ideology World War I to Present

Since the beginning of the First World War to the present, nationalist ideology within China has caused change and continuity in several aspects of this nation’s society. One major change in China from the First World War to the present is its foreign relations with other countries due to factors such as communism and neocolonialism….

Transmission of Ideology Through Translation

Abstract Among factors that might manipulate translators’ mind while producing a text is the notion of ideology transmission through text or talk. Adopting Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) with particular emphasis on the framework of Van Dijk (1999), the present investigation is an attempt to shed light on the relationship between language and ideology involved in…

Althusser, Ideology and Interpellation

The French philosopher, Louis Althusser, first popularized the word in his seminal essay “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (Notes towards an Investigation)” (Althusser, 1972). In the essay, Althusser explores the relationship between the state, modes of (re)producing power and ideology from a Marxist perspective, defining ideology as “the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real…

Nazi Ideology

Nazism also officially known as the National Socialism is defined as an ideology and practices that are influence by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party that is under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. In relation to this, Nazism is also regarded as political policies that were adopted by the dictatorial of Nazi Germany that took…

The Status Quo

In Howard Zinn’s book, Passionate Declarations: Essays on War and Justice, Chapter 1 entitled, “Introduction: American Ideology,” begins with a discussion of a few instances in history where groups of people believed that other races and social classes were inferior to others (Zinn 1). The end result of these instances was that many, if not…

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The Top 10 Ideology Topics

Ideology speaks loud about a nation and its people. Taking into consideration the set of stereotypes, one nation can make presumptions whether to have contacts and become friends or remain aloof and wait. Argumentative essay examples are those things you have to rely on while choosing the topic. Sometimes it is rather difficult to speak about ideology not being familiar with its types. Good essay topics are to assist in starting a heating debate on the offered issue. Here are some essential persuasive essay topics on ideology.

  1. What does ideology stand for? How does the dominant ideology influence beliefs and values of a society? Determine its negative or positive influence on the changing societal values.
  2. What types of ideologies are defined? Which one do you feel reflect your ideas? Supply examples from the world history and your life experience.
  3. Is ideology spread only on the nation’s level? Does the ideology exist in your workplace? What makes a boss a good leader who has a possibility to apply his/ her own ideology?
  4. What is the difference of ideologies between the West and the USSR? Which one seems better developed and more logical?
  5. A number of people claim that democracy is the best ideology ever. What is your opinion about merits and curses of modern democracy? Compare ancient times and modern world.
  6. What is Cultural Capitalism? How do innovations influence society and its thinking? Is this influence beneficial for the citizens?
  7. Take into account the history of the USA? What ideologies took place earlier? How does the dominant ideology define believes and principles of the Americans?
  8. How was the world influenced by Nazi ideology? Who is to blame for so many complaints about Nazism?
  9. Some people and nations has been and still remain superior to others taking into account cultural and political elements. Do you agree? Analyze Howard Zinn’s book ‘Passionate Declarations: Essays on War and Justice’ and express your point of view.
  10. Is racism an ideology? What role did Martin Luther King play in the political development of the USA? Speculate on the issue about the true American dream.

Ideology is not the topic to discuss on a daily basis, but it still remains one of the most controversial issues. If you are hesitating about what theme to choose, refer to the history of your favorite country and find out about its ideology. It is a helpful aid for working on this issue.


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