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Gene Essay Examples

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Transgenesis and Selective Breeding

Introduction The relation between humans and genetic manipulation is older than we think. Humans have been manipulating the transfer of genetic information between organisms for over 10.000 years. The first experiences were with cultivation of grains and domestication of animals. The facilities that these methods bring in order to keep having the necessary stuff for…

Death Cap mushroom

If you took RNA polymerase out of the equation? Human cells use RNA polymerase to make a template of a cell’s DNA. It is one of the first steps in the process of eventual protein production. RNA is the enzyme that makes RNA chains using genes found in DNA as a pattern. These specific genetic…

The Diary of the Human Genome

What is our human genome? Our human genome is what makes us who we are. Many people might find its role in our human body as a miniscule one, but it is rather one of a great role consisting of all the genetic information in a single human being. What makes the human genome unique…



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No to Gmo

No to GMO Genetically modified foods are foods or plants that have been modified by researchers and scientists to improve the growth and development process. This idea was first introduced in 1982 and now has become widespread in use, especially in the US. This technology is sometimes referred to as “gene technology” or “genetic engineering”…

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the most widespread genetic disorders in the modern world. While only 30,000 members of the American population is affected by the disease, millions of Americans are carriers of the disease; the difference between carriers and sufferers of the disease lies in the autosomal recessive nature of Cystic fibrosis. A truly…

DNA Lab Report

What is DNA? What do the letters stand for? What is it composed of? Where is it found? What is it shaped like? Answer in full sentences. It is the genetic material that can be passed on from parent to offspring DNA –> Deoxyribonucleic acid It composed of Deoxyribose (5 carbon sugar), a phosphate and…

Pros and Cons of Gentic Engineering in Animals

GE, combined with cloning, can be applied to animals to make valuable pharmaceuticals which cannot be made in other ways. This is particularly useful for human proteins, which are produced in animal milk and used in ‘replacement’ and other therapies (e.g. lactoferrin in cows for treating septicaemia; alpha-1-antitrypsin in sheep for treating emphysema; factor IX…

How Genes Generate Phenotype

“Every aspet of an organism is determined or influenced by the genes of the organism” What genes are, what they do, how they interact with eachother and the enviroment to generate a phenotype. Genes are segments of DNA that code for proteins or RNA molecules. These genes are the genetic material that is passed down…

E. Coli Genetic Transformation with pGLO Plasmid

Genetic transformation is where one organism takes on a characteristic from another organism (Bacterial Transformation 2013). For this experiment we used the bacteria E. Coli to take in foreign jellyfish DNA which will allow it to change genetic material. This experiment determines the effects that the plasmid pGLO has in transferring the Green Florescent Protein…

Inner Fish

INNER FISH CHAPTER 1 1. The author and his colleagues wanted to use 375 million old rock, because in the 385 million year old rocks they found what look like fish. In the 365 million year old rocks they found amphibians that did not look like fish, so to find the change the look at…

Speech about the importance of water

Assalamualaikum and a very wonderful morning I bid to our lecturer and to all fellow classmates. This morning, it is my pleasure to share with all my audiences on my talk about the importance of water. As we know, water brings and sustains life in our planet. Water is something which we cannot do anything…

DNA, mRNA, and Protein

Complete the two questions below. Each question has four parts. This assignment is two pages long. Question 1: For the following double-stranded DNA sequence, -CATTGACCGTAA- -GTAACTGGCATT- Answer the following questions: a) Assume that RNA polymerase will read the top strand of DNA as the “template” to synthesize mRNA. What will be the sequence of the…

Mendelian Genetics, Scientific Paper

The foundation of genetics lies with the principles that Gregor Mendel outlined after his experiments with pea plants where he discovered the relationship between physical characteristics, or phenotype, and genetic traits, or genotype. This experiment aimed to reproduce Mendel’s results with the Brassica rapa plant, noted for it’s fast generation time, and anthocyanin, a purple…

Biology Lab Report “Independent Assortment & Dihybrid Cross”

Introduction: In genetics, when crossing a purebred white flower with a purple flower, we might expect its offspring to be a blend of both colors. Instead, we see that its offspring is purple as well. This is led to be by one trait being dominant over another trait. Gregor Mendel came up with a theory…

Evolutionary Biology Essay

Check’s article “How Africa Learned to Love the Cow” explores the studies and research of Sarah Tishkoff on genetic mutation and evolution of, more specifically, the gene that codes for lactase and lactase persistence within individuals in Africa. The frequency with which these genes occur fluctuates dramatically, which is noted in Tishkoff’s study on African…

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